Video processing and image format transfer devices will solve disrupted or degraded viewing of video streaming, the common cause of which is Macrovision's copy protection and CGMS flag technology.These problems can arise when backing up or time shift recording to dvd from dvd to dvd, vhs to dvd, sky to dvd, freeview to dvd, vergin media to dvd, cable to dvd, satellite to dvd. The VICE1000 was specifically designed to add an image identification code to each frame of the video stream when used for home animation or serial picture storage to dvd. By utilising the VBI (vertical blanking interval) to add a time code any frame in the video stream can be located for editing purposes. Over the years there have been many uses made of this vertical blanking period (VBI) including , (CCC) Closed Circuit Captioning , The CGMS copy protection system identifies copy protected media and is designed to flag and control the hardware's copy record functions, legaly allowing the user to time shift their viewing preference. In some countries it is perfectly legal to record and make back up copies of your vcr or dvd collection on to dvdr.
The VBI (Vertical Blanking Interval) of an analogue video signal which is used for timing and synchronisation is also used to carry digital information. Caption signals as they are classified can be used for many purposes one of which is subtitle information for the hard of hearing . . In the 1970's the BBC's Ceefax Teletext service was developed sending digital information in the VBI to an interactive decoder so that a user could access information. The Vice1000 and ISPRO video transfer devices have built in electronic technology specifically designed for video image transfer .They send a VITC (Vertical Interval Time Code) caption signal from a video source to a video recorder . VCR , DVD or CCTV monitoring and recording systems can have an image reference signal added in the VBI which is not seen by the viewer as this part of the signal is off screen. In time lapse and cctv monitoring this can be a useful editing tool. It utilises the (VBI) Vertical Blanking Interval to write a (VITC) Vertical Interval Time Code that can be accessed by the corresponding reading technology and can also be used for low cost synchronized video streaming from CCTV systems, Digital Cameras, or for Home Animation projects.