A macrovision remover to back up dvd , vhs to dvd or transfer vhs collection to pc , vhs to laptop , copy protection may prevent this operation. A video stabilizer or video filter will solve macrovision issues known to cause video transfer, and picture quality disruption. Although there are some macrovision disabled DVD players available, for VHS to DVD , DVD to DVD, Satellite to DVD, DVD CLONE, PVR.DVD Transfer, an external device has more connection options. When only viewing, some plasma televisions, projection televisions and large screen LCD televisions can have a degraded picture, a macrovision removed signal is required when viewing from DVD or VCR to DVD. This is because macrovision copy protection and CGMS signals that are embeded in the VBI (vertical blanking interval) are deigned to have a detrimental effect on analogue AGC circuits by generating pulses of varing amplitude which confuse the AGC (Automatic Gain Control) video input circuits of VHS equipment and some LCD / Plasma large screen TV's.. There are many macrovision buster devices available but you should look at the legal implications that apply to your country.

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